About Us

“Life is too short to sit still in one place” we thought, so we packed up our things and left our lives behind for guiding jobs in Arctic Sweden. The following autumn we set out to walk the length of New Zealand on Te Araroa. It turned out life in the trail’s aftermath would never quite be the same, as our itchy feet only became more itchy and wanted to roam across unknown lands ever more.

We never thought we would accomplish any of those things. We still haven’t changed our nomadic ways, and our eyes are ever on the lookout to figure out which way we will be going next. Reaching the impossible began with becoming a musher. Who knows where it will end.

Currently: Guiding in Lapland 


My name is Eef. I was born and grew up in one of Europe’s most densely populated areas: the countryside around Brussels. In this suburban maze I always felt something was missing. I couldn’t find out what it was: I had many good friends, I have a great family, I had a good life. Yet something about it was not right. So one day, I decided I had to leave.

Initially I moved to Sweden for a 2 year study program, though it turned out to be a long-term change. In Scandinavia I found what I was looking for, but never thought about in the crowds of home: the great outdoors. I moved to Lapland after finishing my university studies to start working as a musher. This is a seasonal job, so I spend my summers in the Norwegian fjords enjoying as much time in the mountains as possible.

During that first season in Lapland I met PJ, who had also decided to change the prospect of office jobs for something entailing a little more time outside. Already living in Bodø in northern Norway it wasn’t such a long way for him to a job as an adventure guide in northern Sweden.

On our first day at work we went dog sledding with the entire team. We were sharing a sled and everything went pretty smooth until I crashed the whole thing into a tree. That’s how we became good buddies, and would soon evolve into something more. Ever since we have been inseparable, exploring and traveling together.

We both have a strong pull to the north. The remoteness of the Scandinavian backcountry is where we feel free, and the mountains is where we feel at home. We don’t see how we fit in offices or 9 to 5 jobs. We want to feel fresh air, to disappear off the grid and roam the remaining wild places on this planet.