The Great Himalaya Trail

A few years ago a man called Robin Boustead had a vision: to create a trail spanning the length of the entire Himalaya, from Bhutan in the east right through to Afghanistan in the west. Though there are some obvious practical and security issues with this, a route is roughly in place from Bhutan to Pakistan. The Great Himalaya Trail is out there and has challenged quite a few experienced hikers and mountaineers during its lifespan. Brave and bold as we like to be we decided to put it on the agenda, though not without a sound portion of shaky knees just from the thought of it.

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The Hiking Essentials

Matthias and I overlooking Sarek National Park

Finally! The short hiking season in the Scandinavian mountains is about to kick off. Time to let your boots get lost in the mountains and woods over snow-free trails, to enjoy summer evenings in absolute silence and to disappear of the grid for days or weeks on end. These mountain areas are wild. You can go on for days in a row without meeting a single soul, and the nearest settlements or roads are usually quite far away. Good preparations are essential for a pleasant and safe trip. Here is a short overview of how I plan and what I have on my hiking essentials list, a list that has been evolving up to the preparations for hiking in Sarek National Park, the thoughest hike I have in my personal history so far.

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Hiking in Sarek National Park: Preparations


Sarek was the longest and most challenging hiking trip I set up so far. Ever since we got the hike inside our heads last summer, Matthias and I thought hard about how we could best prepare for the long and intense trip we signed up for. We needed to improve our gear and our navigation tools before heading out. I always find it very useful when people share their preparations, so I’ll be summing up the most important gear and food improvements we made before the trip. Continue reading “Hiking in Sarek National Park: Preparations”